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Power Lifting Leather Belt | Lever Buckle and Lumber Back Support | 10mm

  • Provision of shielding: It has back lumber support that prevents unnecessary movements that would damage the back. It also helps align your spine and strengthen your back muscles. Due to our powerlifting belt, your back pain will heal and back pain will decrease.
  • Perfect Shape:  It tends to be stiff and dig into your back and hips. Our belt is perfect for doing dips and weighted pull-ups. This weight belt is very useful because it is easily adaptable for different positions in heavy exercises.
  •  Hard-wearing material & quality: Patented leather is utilized in this lifting belt that doesn’t break or rip up. This weight lifting belt is light weighted and ergonomic that provides an easement to your body.
  • It decreases spinal stress and maintains its stability.
  • It doesn’t turnover into your sides & hips.
  • It helps in maintaining a steady position.
  • It defends you in case of back stress.
  • It also advances your better body biomechanics.

Powerlifting Weight Lifting Belt | Double Prong Wide Suede Leather Power Back Support

  • Finest quality:  Our powerlifting weight belt is made up of flexible, strongest, and lightest material that confirms maximize your grip, temperature control, and comfort.
  • Maximum durability: The steel buckle is reliable even in the heaviest uses. Our training belt is different from other belts that are available in the market having cheap material.
  • Advanced steel lever:  Its steel buckle is industry comparative according to taking less time to loosen it. Due to this much flexibility it provides an ease your body.
  • Protective gesture: This weight belt transforms your body shape in minimum time, wide heavy-duty suede leather materials come up with maximum durability, protection, and comfort. It also provides smart and easy adjustments.
  • Perfect form:  Our workout belt is perfect for doing dips and weighted pull-ups. A double prong weightlifting belt will be very helpful in heavy lifts such as deadlifts and squats.
  • It is ideal for endurance training.
  • By using this gym belt you can reduce your spinal pressure and stabilizes it.
  • If you are using our lift belt, you will start to feel relaxed against back stress.
  • Advance lever closure is a perfect choice to loose it within seconds.